12 February 2008

Mr Barry Park


The Age

PO Box 257C


Dear Mr Park

Re: Mazda CX9 review

Last weekend I read with interest your review of the Mazda CX-9, and today I picked the one we had purchased.

I was therefore amazed to find that it had no “hatch cover” over the rear luggage compartment. I would have thought it is as much a part of a hatchback car as a steering wheel, seats or wheels, but may be that's just me being silly.

Apparently to quote the salesperson: “Mazda Australia have decided to make this a $479 extra. It is not an extra on the CX-7, but with this car, it is an extra.”

Perhaps you should inform your readers.

For my part this incident has totally spoilt the sale, and I am trying to get the contract rescinded.